About the Foundation

The Cosmos-Bellotti Sports and Leadership Foundation is a Sports and Leadership Program created by Cosmos Creations and Mike and Colleen Bellotti for the purposes of helping students and athletes help themselves.  

Here's how it works. You've heard of Cosmos Creations, the premium puffed corn company based in Junction City, Oregon. They've got a snack that people love, which happens to be a perfect product to sell door-to-door.

The participants take the Cosmos Creations product into the community and work together to sell the snacks for $4 dollars each. Unlike other fundraising opportunities, with an approved sponsor, 100 percent of the profit goes back to the kids. 

Since the product is in hand, there's no need for order forms or waiting. Sales, payment collection and delivery happen right there at the door. Plus, customers are not paying an exorbitant price. They're saving a trip to the store and providing young leaders a valuable learning opportunity. It's truly a home run for everyone involved. 


Our goal is to serve the needs of both athletes and their schools. Our fundraising program aims to build individual integrity, foster teamwork and encourage students to strengthen their sports programs through leadership and service.

About Coach Bellotti
Mike Bellotti played an important role in the University of Oregon's football history as offensive coordinator was six years, head coach for fourteen and lastly, as its athletic director. He is currently a college football analyst for ESPN and ABC. 
"We formed the Cosmos-Bellotti Sports and Leadership Foundation with the intent to raise money for high school athletic programs through our fundraising platform," said Mike Bellotti, CBSLF Co-Founder. "The program is designed to build integrity, teamwork and leadership in student athletes while they learn how to conduct themselves in a business environment."


Cosmos Creations is a premium puffed corn snack food manufacturer owned and operated out of Junction City, Oregon. Cosmos keeps its production clean and simple to deliver a premium puffed corn snack that is deliciously addictive. Their product line features a unique blend of both sweet and savory flavors. It’s easy to brag about what’s in every bag, but what’s excluded – gluten, trans-fats, hulls, kernels, preservatives and additives – is even more important. Just ingredients you can pronounce and a taste that’s almost heavenly. 

The current four flavors available in our fundraising program include:  Salted Caramel, Coconut Crunch, Caramel Apple, and Peanut Butter. 



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Established June 2014

To support youth athletics programs in order to help young athletics excel in competition and become future leaders of our community. 

In order to accomplish its mission, the corporation will endeavor:
     a.     To provide support to youth athletics organizations, including but not limited to high school athletics programs, in order to assist such organizations in raising funds to pay for equipment, facilities, and other needs of such organizations;
     b.     To seek and rally support from business and community leaders to provide funding and other support for youth athletics organizations;
     c.     To promote and encourage youth interest and participation in athletics and leadership