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JUNCTION CITY OR- You did it, you got your application in, approved and now have your product, so what’s next?

1. Set a Goal

Have a vision that you will share with your group! The most successful groups are those that have a clear ‘REASON TO SELL’ and earn money.

2. Share your Goal

Your team or group will be motivated if the goal will impact them directly! New jerseys, new instruments or a team trip are specific goals that can and will motivate your group! Share this goal with kids and parents so all can get on board and make this a successful fundraiser!

3. Motivate the Kids

Kids are motivated if they see a direct benefit! Create a friendly competition! Dangle some prizes to your top sellers! A T-shirt, jacket, or even a pizza party for the top seller or group seller are great ways to motivate the kids. Be creative and ask the kids what they might want for a prize. 

4. Managing your Fundraiser

Elect your onsite fundraiser coordinator (this could be yourself, a coach, or volunteer you elect). They will be in charge of:

·      Team Training Having a kick-off event where the kids can role play the selling of Cosmos is fun and productive. Use our attached script or create your own – but all sellers should be consistent with your team message. Use the fliers we’ve provided to help you ‘sell’ your product!

·      Product inventory We suggest 1 box per seller. When they return their money – they receive another box! 

·      Seller List  Simply track each seller using the simple list we’ve provided! This easily keeps track of who is selling product and who has turned in their profits.

·      Time Frame Providing updates regarding deadlines is always helpful! This time frame can also be adjusted.

·      Communicate Some groups send out e-mails to booster clubs, faculty and staff and parents alerting them of their fundraiser! This will help sales! Share the vision with these groups (Why are you selling? Goal?)

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$100,000 in Funds for Local Youth Power by Guaranty Chevrolet and RV Super Centers!

November 11, 2015 - Posted by Sarah J. Wilson
JUNCTION CITY, OR - A new play structure, much-needed uniforms and an educational trip are just a few of the success stories from the first round of Guaranty's fundraising partnership with the Cosmos-Bellotti Sports and Leadership Foundation (CBSLF). With his coaching career behind him, Mike Bellotti is nurturing a new generation of students.

"We formed the Cosmos-Bellotti Sports and Leadership Foundation with the intent to raise money for leadership and athletic programs through our fundraising platform," said Mike Bellotti, CBSLF Co-Founder.

By donating cases of Cosmos Creations at no cost to 13 area groups, Guaranty Chevrolet and RV Super Centers in Junction City helped them raise $42,874. After the dinner celebration hosted by Coach Bellotti and Guaranty in August, interest in the program jumped and the fundraising goal of $100,000 has now been reached. In fact, Guaranty has now helped 29 groups raise $101,424!

To celebrate this achievement, Guaranty will host a number of sponsorship recipients for a breakfast celebration at it's newly remodeled RV Travel Center on November 12th, at 9:00 a.m in Junction City. Those in attendance will include Shannon Nill, as well as representatives from Cosmos Creations, Nature Discovery Christian School, Lane County 4-H and more.

"We are proud to be a part of the Cosmos-Bellotti Sports and Leadership Foundation. This has done a great job of helping youth groups attain the goals that they have in mind for their kids. This really is the fundraising of the future and will help these kids learn new skills along the way. So give these kids a pat on the back and buy the product when they knock on your door." says Shannon Nill, Guaranty RV President.

The Cosmos-Bellotti Sports and Leadership Foundation is a Sports and Leadership Program  created by Cosmos Creations in Junction City and Mike and Colleen Bellotti. The fundraising program aims to build integrity, foster teamwork and encourage students to strengthen their sports programs through leadership and service, according to

About Guaranty: Founded in 1966 by Herb Nill, Guaranty is Lane County's longest-standing Chevy dealer and has been named America's top RV dealer by RV Business Magazine. Nill's famous "Eggs are cheaper in the country and so are cars and trucks" line quickly established the dealership among the most successful in the west.



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