Q: Can anyone participate in your fundraising program?
A: Any school, organized group or club who falls under " Sports And/Or Leadership"  are welcome to participate.

Q: How much money do we get towards our group?
A: With an approved sponsor- 100% of the proceeds go directly to your group/club= $3,840. Without a sponsor you will still earn over 70% for your school/group = $2,880  (once all product has been sold)

Q: Is there a minimum amount of product we have to order & what is the cost?
A: Yes, 1 pallet (80 cases/960 bags). Your group or your sponsor will be invoiced thirty days after receiving your product. No upfront costs. *no returns*

Q: Which flavors do we sell and how much do we sell them for?
A: We preselect a variety of our top selling flavors for your group, to sell at $4 a bag.                    

Q: Does it matter how we spend the money that we earn?
A:  You should have a specific goal in mind before you begin your fundraiser. Example: Uniforms, Playground Equipment, iPads for the Classroom etc.

Q: How do we get started and begin selling?
A: Head over to the Take Action page to fill out an application. Once completed, a Cosmos Team Member will contact you by email within 72 hours.